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Translate / Talk / Tongue. Glot comes from greek where it means Tongue. Made to be a verb: 'to glot' = translate.
Glot a word, interglot, euroglot
by HairyApe March 16, 2007
"Get Lotus On The Ship".
This acronym was developed by a gang of JamCruisers on a JamCruise forum in reference to a musician request for JamCruise 7, set to sail January 2009.

T-shirts have been made to bump the request.
Please Julie, will you please GLOTS?!
by Qty74 July 24, 2008
1.Suffering from extreme mental retardation and so constipated that poop comes out your nose.

2. Having butt cancer.
Wow that guy is glots!
by Orangeandblue32 July 20, 2011
When you Cum a silver slimy substance that tastes like bacon
I totally made a huge glot today. You think I should get that checked out?
by iRinny January 20, 2009
a crusty substance that collects on the foreskin of ones unsircomsized penis
dude, your cock gots lotta glot
by Dude Dan January 16, 2003
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