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Glorious Orbs; Breasts, Glorious Breasts. These aren't just ANY boobs. They are perfect. They're C's or D's Round, Supple, and Beautiful.
Dude, Look over there, That girls glorbs are keeping her afloat.
by TatorSauce July 28, 2011
To inhale or consume with great vigor.
"Wow, look at him glorbing those doughnuts!"
"Johnny, you glorb the cock."
by Vee Are Are Schee August 05, 2004
Noun. A portmanteau of "globe" and "orb" meaning spherical in shape.
There were many glorbs of gum stuck to the bottom of the desk.
by Dymaxion13 September 08, 2010
a flabby portion of skin. usually found on the upper arm and stomach.
"Look at the glorbs on the teacher's arms!"

"Look at her glorb jiggle when she waddles down the hall."
by Embarf April 16, 2008
Excessive clock/wristwatch/timepiece watching in anticipation of the conclusion of a class/workday/workout session/ ballet recital/ visit to the proctologist etc.
Dude 1: "Man, I cant believe how boring this class is!"
Dude 2: "Ya I agree, Ive been glorbing for the last half hour."
by davinci41 August 26, 2008
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