A person that likes to eat shrimp scampi and thinks they have bad hair, when really it is perfect.
Dude, that chick is such a gloobie, check out her sweet hair, and she's eating shrimp scampi.
by Shizzle Dizzle Ryan April 18, 2007
Pronounce: \gloo-bie\

1. Very sticky nasal mucus that resembles tacky glue.

2. Tacky nasal mucus stage between runny nose and dried boogers.

3. The stage of mucus just before it hardens into a full blown booger.
I keep blowing and blowing but I can not get these gloobies to come out.

These damn gloobies keep coming, I wish they would harden into a booger already.
by JM Richard March 29, 2008

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