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The sound a Wookie makes.
Chewbacca glonked as he ran into battle.
by Kashyyyk January 04, 2008
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The act of a man, during mid coitus, deciding to stop having sex with a woman, just for the sheer gratification of showing that he is supreme and dominant and therefore superior to the woman.
I was totally getting my swerve on with Amanda last night when I decided to glonk that bitch after 10 minutes. She wasn't happy, but who cares? Bitch don' got glonked!
by thewatchman July 24, 2006
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v., onomatopoeia for the sound that Gmail chat makes when someone sends you an instant message.
Hold on, someone just glonked me.
by paleoderek September 09, 2011
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The sound a girl makes when a penis is rammed down her throat.
She was blowing me last night when I grabbed the back her head and shoved. She gagged like crazy and made a sound like, "Glonk! Glonk! Glonk!"
by Manbones June 08, 2010
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