secretions from the mouth or nose that drip onto the face and/or off the face. not to be mistaken with stripl; gloms are thick secretions whereas stripl is less dense.
hey michael, you got gloms of somethin creepin down your lip-- heads up before it gets to your mouth.
by kels hartz January 03, 2006
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v.t. - to cling with sudden suction
"She glommed on to him like a duck on a june bug."
by pattygoat February 24, 2004
to steal, swipe or nab
"Somebody glommed the SD 80/90 MACs!" - Ralph Israel
by Douglas Weltman June 22, 2003
- Astronomers often use "glom" instead of using the longer and more unwieldy conglomerate.
- to gather into a ball or rounded mass.
- to collect or cluster together.
Materials in orbit of a star can glom together to form a planet.
by Maev December 14, 2006
A popular Russian band from St.Petersburg, famous for their parodies of everything, from YouTube stars to the stuck-up Russian rock. Inspired by Weird Al Yankovic, the lead singer plays an accordion.
"Did you catch the GLOM! show last night? They rocked!"
by _NB_ October 16, 2009
(n) Used to describe a large group of males gathered around one specific female, often due to the lack of females in a vicinity.
(v) to attach to a group of other males gathered around a specific female.
From: conglomerate
There was a glom in her dormroom and she basked in the attention.
by carta November 14, 2005
Acronym: Good Looking Older Man
"Oooooh, George Clooney is such a GLOM!"
by jackie bleckner February 25, 2014
Getting real up close and personal
"Allison i'll pay you 5 bucks to stop gloming me"
by 2456 March 24, 2010

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