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Alternate form of the word "literally" merged with the word "glitter," most often used in reference to The Ke$ha, because of her constant state of being covered in glitter.

The term can be used as an adverb to describe doing something in the flashy fashion of the shimmering sparkles that glitter leaves.

It was coined was when a young man said "glittery" (actually in reference to Ke$ha), but accidentally added an L before the Y.
Shelly wore too much makeup and body glitter to school today. She was glitterally sparkling all day. I caught sight of it every other second, and it glitterally distracted me all through math class.

She glitterally put on the body shimmer with flowing, lavish movements, as if she was becoming the glitter itself.
by orbweavr June 18, 2011
1) Something literally fabulously done

2) Literal Gaythings
He glitterally threw sparkles in the air like a madman. It was very fab.
by Penis Rumpsmoosh June 02, 2014
Used to express the extremity of one's gayness.
"You are Glitterally the gayest thing I've ever seen"
by guerodude95 September 10, 2011