girl love handles
paris hilton wannabes + low rise jeans + ben and jerry's = overflowing GLH
by phuyuck '74 May 05, 2004
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The kidney fat that appears on a girl much too heavy for the largely popular low rise jeans look.
"Look at the GLH on that one, don't people own mirrors anymore?"
by logikflux December 29, 2004
Goes LIke Hell

a Special Dodge OMni Produced from 1984 to 1986. SOme models had an available Turbo (1985-1986), making them great Sleepers.

It is said that the Great Mr. Shelby gave them this name.
Man that OMNI GLH just smoked my Iroc(Camaro).
by 2200 January 24, 2005
Good Luck Hug. Used to give someone a hug through the computer.
"Yeah I think I failed that test..."
"Awwww GLH!"
by hpluna12 May 12, 2010

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