the multi-talented origial lead singer of the Misfits, then Samhain, which then was renamed as Danzig. Born June 23, 1955 in Lodi New Jersey to a Prodistant Italian family. As a child and teen he was mocked for being interested in Japanese comics and B-Film Horror Flicks. When he started the Misfits, he named the band after Marylin Monroe's last film, the Misfits. His silky voice has been described as Jim Morrison meets Elvis, and his nicknames include;Evil Elvis and The Other Man In Black. After dropping the Misfits he started Samhain,sort of a more demonic sound. After Samhain came Danzig, the blues/metal that Danzig's voice was suited well to. He is 5'3 and practices martial he is SUPER hot
Glenn Danzig was the best part of the Misfits
Why did Jerry Only suck at Bass......cuz he isnt as cool as Danzig
by Vampira138 February 23, 2007
Top Definition
The lead singer for the ORIGINAL AND BEST Misfits. They are useless without him. Now has his own band called Danzig. Gets more chicks than you.
Glenn Danzig is the greatest man who ever lived.
by inanechild September 16, 2003
Innovator of the subgenre of punk called fiendcore. Popularized the sound with his first outfit, the Misfits, and later perfected it with the seminal, yet overlooked, Samhain.
Glenn Danzig has black hair.
by Mike August 11, 2004
Metal music legend and frequent target for internet tough guys the world over. No DANZIG YouTube video comment section or metal forum would be complete without a negative remark from someone hiding behind their keyboard.
Internet tough guy posting comment to internet: "I could kick Glenn Danzig's ass"

Internet tough guy making comment to Glenn Danzig's face: "I'm scared, please don't hurt me! (In tears and whimpering) Please....stop beating me"
by "Ron" June 03, 2007
A really hot guy that used to be in the band the misfits.
Glenn Danzig was really hot 25 years ago!
by Crimson Ghost138 November 05, 2003
Super punk who used to be in the misfits.
Slash: Who's Glenn Danzig?
Torch: WOW you suck how do you not know who Glenn Danzig is? Biggest punk ever.
Slash: That sounds just like your type.
by The Mr Needles Experience September 25, 2006
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