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When the sleeves of someones undershirt are embarrassingly exposed--giving a ruffle-esque appearance.
Dan is the resident anti-poon because he is always gleasoning--his undershirts are always two sizes too big.
by aquadude998 April 12, 2011
the act of unintentionally having the sleeves of your undershirt exposed underneath a polo shirt or other outerwear.
I was going to ask Dan to the dance, but I saw him gleasoning in school one day so I asked Josh instead.
by aquadood April 15, 2011
1. the act of ungleefully sighing in excessive amounts
2. verbal version of an eyeroll
The 911 dispatcher was gleasoning when her officers would not listen to what she had told them.
by happycamper61364 October 05, 2013

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