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A condom.
A condom is the glass slipper of our time. You put it on, dance all night and throw it away in the morning.
by Tyler February 09, 2004
Coined by me Jeff Diaz, of Boston, MA.
Occurs at the beginning of a relationship or one night stand when a girl (or guy) leaves a personal item at the significant others apartment, house, or car. Much like Cinderella left a glass slipper behind for the prince. Can be malicious, i.e. you are cheating and they leave lipstick in medicine cabinet. Also used to mark their new territory, i.e. New Date: "Why do you have earing's in your car?"

Most common tactic: Used to ensure a reason to call or be called. More often it is to be harrassed by phone or a surprise visit.
New Date: "Why do you have earing's in your car?"

Guy: "Damn, I can't believe I got glass slippered, my last date a while ago must have been trying to mark her territory.

Girl1: "How was your date with jacob?"
Girl2: "Awesome, I hope he calls...I left him a glass slipper in case he doesnt, then I will call him"
by JeffDiaz November 17, 2011
the act of cumming in a girls shoe and putting in back on her.
i am gonna give her a glass slipper
by nkjjhgfdd September 30, 2010
The act of ejaculating on a persons foot.
I gave that little Cinderella a glass slipper.
by lil cinderella January 30, 2011
Properly used as a slang replacement of "gay".
"Clay Aiken is so glass slippers."
by TheMaskedAvengerOfTN October 31, 2008

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