"GORGEOUS LOOKS A MUST" 1. A member of a fairly large gang of exceptionally good looking men.
Chris Carbonell was so good looking that he was inducted immediately into G.L.A.M
by Nick Dominguez March 06, 2003
Top Definition
A movement that which erupted in the 1970s promoting vanity, copiousness, surreality, narcissism, campness and hauteur. A spin-off of the word 'glamourous.'
"Glam is about femme girls and femme boys and girls who look like femme boys and boys who like like butch girls."

Glam individuals usually dress in outrageous fashion: jumpsuits, 3-inch platform space boots and heavy amounts of makeup.

David Bowie was best known for his involvement in the Glam Movement of the 1970s.
by Jackie Deram May 24, 2005
the art of celebrating all things beautiful, superficial. Marvelous, fabulous, imperfect, unserious.

A type of person, usually heavily involved in the glam rock movement of the 1970s.

David Bowie is the God of Glam.
by 20century_toy March 11, 2004
Rock subgenre that began in the 70s in Britain and later spread to the US, becoming huge in the 80s. Glam rock is very different from the poseur "hair bands"(Slaughter, Winger, Trixter.)The scene was ended by the Seattle grunge movement although some bands have reunited.
70s glam= Slade, T-Rex, Mott The Hoople
80s glam= Twisted Sister, Hanoi Rocks, Motley Crue
by darkangel82 July 12, 2005
glittery, shimmery, chic and imperfect
glam is, by nature, inaccesable to the masses... it is an esoteric art twisted and manipulated by so many and understood by so few, rant rant rant
by mayura October 23, 2003
Gay L.A Metal as once said by Dave Mustaine
guy 1) Hey look at those butch chicks
guy 2) those are the band tonight
guy 1) chick band cool
guy 2) nah mate those are just a G.L.A.M band
guy 1) damn where is the deep purple in the world hahaha
by BassHair April 15, 2009
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