Gay Los Angeles Metal

Glam metal was a subgenre of glam rock consisting of vain, Characteristically talentless, hair bands.

Note: not all bands were from Los Angeles
Poison, Stryper, Def Leppard, Skid Row

Heard backstage at a Poison concert, Do you think we have enough sequins, leather, and Aquanet for the Glam show tonight?
by FunkThaPolice--Wilshire November 16, 2006
Fukin hottie, often prevalent in the car scene.
In high demand by the male species.
Gives good gobby.
"Fuckin glam's everywhere!"
by Anonymous February 01, 2004
The legendary TashBOT of Vancouver, BC clearly stated that a good looking asian male shall be known as "GLAM".
TashBOT: "Hey check out that guy..."
Danger: "What guy?"
TashBOT: "You know the GLAM"
Danger: "Ohh yea' daaang"
by TashBOT December 15, 2006
Glam is an acronym for Gay LA Music and is a shitty subgenre of heavy metal.
Still superior to grunge though.
Mustaine sez glam's for fags.
by -Dave Mustaine- March 22, 2007
glam boys pretend to be scene, but wear glitter and lipgloss and straighten their hair. They are probably all homosexual but just dont want to admit it.
Who knew girls would be attracted to glam boys?
by ari owns you. January 03, 2005
Girls with rediculously big hair (that rarely gets washed) , "flats", big shiny belts, shirts that look exactly the same but may have different patterns or colors, only listen to screamo, own gi-normous "bug" glasses, have excessively-big purses (sometimes painted on) and take lots of pictures....of themselves.

"Look at that "glam" girl's hair, I bet she hasn't washed it in weeks!"

"How does she get her hair that big?"

"Ya, there's a glam girl that lives down the street from me she drives a Grand Prix!"
by Kevin Salves July 08, 2006

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