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1) My last name

2) A name of German origin

3) A shortened version of the original last name "Von Glahn" or "Von Glah"
My last name is Glah.
by BBB April 12, 2005
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An expression of digust or sadness. The successful melding of "blah" and "gah" into one new word, covering the definitions of both.
Person 1: Dude...I saw your grade over the teacher's shoulder. You're flunking.

Person 2: Glah! Why does everything happen to me?
by BlackxxJapan April 12, 2006
to be happy in a calm way
As I sat under the tree reading a mediocre book, I found myself feeling glah.
by Jay Zen March 09, 2015
The sound people with disabilities make when censored by the very government organization that's supposed to be helping them.
I spent three hours pouring out my heart about what was wrong, then they removed the posts. Glah.
by I can read running writing March 20, 2013
Misspelling of flag, started in the capture-the-same game called Arc
Crap, our glahi are gone!
by Harkeran Ginzoshou August 12, 2004
1. an adjective that can be used to describe any word

2. a huge dick
1. wow man i dropped a glahing 30 bomb!

2. hay ray ray, can i touch your glah?
by xyphaz January 15, 2007
1. an adjective that can be used to describe almost any word

2. a huge dick

(originated from the game of counter strike)
1. lol ray is gonna be so glahed when he sees this

tommy: hey u sat on rays glah?
prio: yeah
prio: i fuck rays glah up
prio: one time
prio: his glah had a boner
prio: and i sat on it
prio: and it broke
tommy: LOL!
by djpriO January 16, 2007

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