See "commando" - "going gladiator" describes a man who continues the ancient tradition of men wearing a kilt, skirt, robe, toga, tunic or sarong without underwear.
Hey, I like your skirt, man! What are you wearing underneath?

You tell me!

<reaches under> Ooohhh, you're going gladiator! Very nice! Wanna get out of here?
by SteveWin March 31, 2013
A game where two males sit across from each other with no pants and attempt to make the other person lose by causing them to get an erection first. this is done through leg touching etc. each person can only touch their opponents penis 5 times is only allowed 2 tugs/sliding movements
a: dude want to play gladiator?
b: no last time i lost on the second tug
by J$$$$$ May 27, 2011
See teabagging.

putting penis in between a persons' eyes. THus creating a gladiator type helmet
I hear he's a famous gladiator...
by SexyAlexi June 07, 2004
What a man is when she returns the favor
When Barbara went down on him, Stan was gladiator.
by Baron Von Shagwell March 24, 2003
One who administers oral sex on either a man or woman. Note: glad-iator is the correct spelling.
Monica Lewinski is such a glad-iator
by El Supremo May 30, 2005
Game played in a campaign for respect by newbie gangsters in prison or on the street where a small group of newbies goes around finding non-members to fuck with and one of em goes up to them and starts beating the fuck out of the target and if the person fights back at all they all jump in and fuck em up and rob em.
Did you see all those little 15 year olds pullin a gladiator on that crackhead at the bus stop?Then some other cluck got his shoes when they left him twitchin on the curb knocked out.
by the tweaker February 17, 2004
Sexual position, difficult to attain and / or maintain, in which the man straddles a partner so that penis covers length of nose, and testicles rest in respective eye sockets.
After demonstrating my manly machismo gladiator style, I received oral treats from the hosebeast.
by DJ Snickaz April 02, 2003

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