(NOUN) A small metallic looking animal that likes authority. Is often seen in a dark room on it's own or on the computer. Dislikes Dial Up connections and loves pizza.
(VERB) To Gizmo. When a man and a piece of metal are involved in sexual intercourse or when a hair brush is broken.
(PREPOSITION)Gizmo the fridge. Behind & in front of the fridge.
(ANCIENT PROVERB) Gizmo: means...Never lick yourself when you are in the bath or you may get a rash. Also means, if Flibbo steals my definition again i'll maul his face off.
(ADJECTIVE) Gizmo: means it's highly flammable and may cause problems to pubic hair
(ADVERB) Gizmoly: means quietly until you get half way and go loud again. Normally done in CIA HQs.
1)I walked over to the shop and acidentally gizmoed a street lamp on my way over.
2)I Gizmoed Flibbo as he stole what was mine
3)I didn't mean to do it Gizmoly i couldn't help myself.
by Gizmo27 September 09, 2005
a sexual situation in which the man is inserting his penis doggystyle. Near climax the man replaces his penis with a dildo or "gizmo" and pretends to finish. The woman then proceeds to turn around and the man thus bizmarks her in the face.

She turned around and i gizmoed her and it was awesome
by Petey Zwickey January 18, 2007
A backup plan.
- Do you have any gizmo in ur pocket ?
- No. Why ?
- Because otherwise we get eaten.
by Jorma Joutava April 13, 2004
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