the next level for a person who is a tool
Guy 1:He is such a tool

Guy 2: No he is a gizmo!
#tool #idiot.doofus #dork #loser #elephant
by ryuichi March 17, 2010
code name for beer popular among underage drinkers.
"you got any gizmos?"

"you bet your ass I do"
#beers #gizmo #bruhas #alcohol #play drink beer
by Peg Leg Pete October 15, 2007
An awesome creator on Flipnote Hatena
Did you see gizmo's new flipnote?
#flipnote #hatena #creator #animation #nintendo dsi
by venusaurmaster August 13, 2011
A wanna be player who trys cheat and has to be back home by 12 midnight.
A. Hey wassup baby let's get a room?

B. Okay, you go spend the night with me?

A. Uhhhh, um Im gotta go home, you know the situation baby, don't act brand new!!!

B. Well take your ass home before the clock strikes twelve!!! Gizmo ass nigga!!!!
#alley cat #jigalo #cinderella #stripes #playboy
by mostwuntd June 22, 2010
also gismo, 'a thingy', a gadget, useful object; the term 'gizmo' may also refer to things of abstract nature which are helpfull (vide: 3D Graphics Designing in #d Studio Max, or Computer Programming)
I got this funny gizmo from my girl. What does it do? Hell knows but it's nice.

By modifying the gizmo you affect the object attached to it.
by ghoti October 03, 2003
The dog of Victoria Asher, keytarist in Cobra Starship.
Gizmo is seen several times throughout Cobra Starship's music video, Guilty Pleasure.
#gizmo #victoria #asher #victoria asher #cobra starship #dog
by Taylor Starship January 03, 2008
My nickname and also the cutest Gremlin on Earth!!
Hey there Giz!
by IsolatedCatholicSchoolgirls April 29, 2004
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