1:Mean's "i don't give a fuck what (he/she/it/you) thinks about me". Used in a humorous way, usually implying someone or something else is taking offence when this is not necessarily the case.

2:Can also be used as a dismissive term, normally for an inanimate object.
1:(a) - "Yeh anyway Rachel is a twat. GIVE A FUCK PAUL" (implying that Paul has taken this statement as offensive, and you don't give a fuck he is offended, although he may not really be offended at all).

1:(b) - (in a shit club called Gravity) "This club is shit. GIVE A FUCK GRAVITY."

2:(Trying to fix a printer, can't and you are pissed off). GIVE A FUCK PRINTER (implying you don't think highly enough of the printer to get angry about it, even though you clearly are).
by bananamilkshakefiend October 30, 2009
Top Definition
To not care in the least bit (about something).

SYNONYMS: "give a flying fuck", "not give a fuck"
NOTE: It's sorta fucked up, but to give a fuck is the same thing as to NOT give a fuck. I wonder why. Shit, actually, I (don't) give a fuck.
"I just don't give a FUCK..." -Eminem

"The same cat who never gave a damn about your name...I give a fuck about it like the next LA Clippers game." -D12

"Well if Kurupt gave a fuck about a bitch, I'd always be broke. I'd never have no motherfuckin' indo to smoke." -Kurupt
by Nick D May 28, 2003
Variation of the phrase, "I don't give a fuck," meaning to not care at all. The crucial contraction "don't" has been dropped to produce the opposite statement, yet still retaining it's original meaning. An "s" can be added also, as in, "I gives a fuck."
Lil B: Bitch I'm rich, I give a fuck, real nigga, go grill, thirty thousand, no deal

K: Third Strike would be sick if the graphics were better. Chun-Li's not even hot without smooth graphics.
J: I gives a fuck?
by nosinglejustme May 23, 2012
the opposite of giving a damn
"you can give a damn, but you can NOT give a fuck." -jenna marbles
"Say I maybe gave a damn but I never gave a fuck" -ace hood
by E.Money June 14, 2012
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