To frustrate or cause trouble
'That bitch wasn't gonna go down before she was gonna give hell in a fight'
by xxGoShawty240xx March 19, 2004
Top Definition
The operation of giving one or something hell. Typically by giving such a destructive, painful thing, you destroy the receiver of said hell. Sadly, hell is so very hot, that the one who is giving, also tends to be destroyed by the exothermic energy contained therein.

Comes from the root word, Giveus Hellus, which is Latin for, "Fuck that shit up, Polonius!"
One day Canada will give America Hell.
by Anonymous March 21, 2004
1. To punish someone in a harsh manner.
2. To give someone a hard time.
My dad really gave me hell last night.
by spikeboy March 21, 2004
to make someone miserable.
I am going to give hell to him, and make him wish he never woke up.
by spencer sams March 24, 2004
to make something difficult for someone
"after i played him he was pissed, and now hes giving me hell"
by anonymous March 28, 2004
To really whoop someone or give them trouble. To attack. If you really bust someone up and thoroughly kick their tailfeathers, you will have given them hell.

Since hell is a bad place full of suffering, to give someone hell is to create your own little part of it just for them.

It can also be a term for teasing or general razzing, ("he was really giving you hell at the party, wasn't he?") as well as winning in an athletic event. "We really gave that team hell."
If you are fighting a ferocious enemy, and want to charge up your troops, a good thing to shout would be "Give 'em hell!"
by Athene Airheart March 18, 2004
(v, tr.) to show disappointment, rage, or anger towards someone, usually by means of a strong verbal attack. Often justified by something bad the recipient of the onslaught has done. The recieving verb is catch hell.
When she finds out what I did to her new shoes, she's gonna give me hell like never before.
by DRybes March 26, 2004
Criticize or punish sb severely.
The boss gave me hell for not telling him about it.
Don't give me hell that loud please.
by eugeni March 21, 2004
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