If a woman can "Give a dog a bone", it is to be taken as a compliment that even animals find her attractive. It is taken from the nursery rhyme.
Nick knack paddy-whack give a dog a bone, this old man came rolling home.

"Casandra would give dog a bone!"- wayne's world 2
by Gumba Gumba March 03, 2004
Top Definition
to shag a dirty bird, otherwise known as a dog.
bloke1: I'm so pissed right now, i'd give that dog a bone.
bloke2: That's your mum for fucks sake you sick bastard!
by iguanapunk May 31, 2004
1. Give = Present, feed, hand over, gift
2. Dog = Bitch (Female Dog)
3. Bone = Boner... (Erection)

Therefore 1+2+3 = Feed a Bitch a Boner

Your about to lay your dick upon a girls mouth, vagina , anus or anyother hole you can find/make...
- CrunkMonk3y "Imma Give a Dog a Bone!!"
- Girl "oooh pick me!"
by CrunkMonk3y January 05, 2012
to have a threesome with
(a bone looks like two penises together)
person 1: yo homie lets go give a dog a bone
person 2: yea for real
by jmoney24 January 09, 2008
When a girl gives a buy an erection.
Lauren Conrad gave Brian a bone and he gave it right back.

Im so hot, I can give a dog a bone.
by silicon shady June 17, 2009
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