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When a man cum's on a woman after 50 seconds of oral sex
Wow, i just giuggioed my girlfriend, she was so good!

I almost pulled a giuggio but then she stopped so i lasted more than 50 seconds.

"If i ever have a giuggio with my girlfriend i will never be able to show my face in public ever again."
#giuggio #guige #oral sex #50 seconds #fifty seconds
by >50 May 04, 2008
A good-luck charm for women, most commonly used for sexual arousal and pleasure.
"All day I think about giuggio"
"I never sleep, without my giuggio far-away"
"Without giuggio, my life would be empty"
#luck #attractive #potent #arousal #sexual
by Gianna Bananna April 30, 2008
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