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when 2 girls kick the living shit outta each other
Damn its about to be a whatt girlfight
by LilJOnwhattt: July 26, 2005
when two gurls or more have beef with each other, and they had enuf of it, they meet sumwhere and fight. not like a cat fight. It's much more fun to watch a girlfight than a cat fight
Brooke kept talking about Valery so they got into a girlfight and brooke beat valery's (beep)
by Akosua May 09, 2005
song released in 2004 by Texas Crunk R'N'B songstress Brooke Valentine.
"We bout to throw dem bows"
by s_N_double_O_P April 24, 2005
1)Okay, so a girl fight is when punk ass girls try to fight and they just pull hair.
2) A real girl fight is when two girl's fight like guys and throw punches and don't pull hair.

Most girl fights are either fake, real or a mixture of both .
Guy1) are you gonna watch the fight?
Guy2) a girl fight?
guy1) yeah . but it's going to be a real one.
by Moco Sucks ass September 25, 2010
A badass band based out of Pittsburgh who is notorious for melting your face off with stunning vocals and insane music. People with a heart condition are advised to watch from afar.
Chainsaws in harmony: Girlfight
by Tadd Vee October 24, 2008