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The bestest friend you'll ever have. She's gorgeous and very caring. She goes with the flow and almost never complains. She's lots of fun and you'll always have a good time with her. She's smarter than she thinks she is. She falls for guys easily and seems to get hurt a lot. But oneday she will find her perfect guy because she is so beautiful.
Valery is gorgeous!
by BAM Baby June 24, 2010
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An awesomely awesome girl , that has a very particular diet, and can't be hugged. She is a very dedicated friend and likes having pets. She has to be told things upfront because she refuses to see what's happening right before her eyes.
Whoa Valery can write upside down.
by avails February 24, 2010
A Cowan's crush. Usually very pretty and smart. Will be sought after by many guys.
I am in love with Valery, she's so hot.
by Haha revenge September 28, 2011
a name of a st-ricked but caring and loving person most likely to have a sister
for example, Valery you are so nice and caring!
by halthecat February 20, 2015

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