A codeword meaning the person was linked to something from the website Imgur.
"why are we saying giraffe?"
"we are from imgur but secretly don't want you to know."
by Ruinseverything February 02, 2013
Awesome, great, otherwise amazing. Also can be synonymous with any number of action verbs- see examples.
Five Guys burgers are giraffe!
I want to giraffe her all night.
Take another step and your ass is going to get giraffed (knocked out).
by Kodiak March 06, 2005
A very tall peaceful creature that stands for a living. Both neck and legs are 6 ft long (each. These animal can travel as fast as 35 mph.
Giraffes are cool
by UnknownAnonymous69 June 11, 2016
A person who can reach high places or objects - especially fruit.
Cal sure can reach those berries, he's such a giraffe.
by ICanReachBerries August 11, 2014
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