A Ginger that is also a ninja.
Guy 1: Woah!! Did you see Brave!?

Guy 2: Yeah man! She was a total Ginja!
by Babyhipposaver July 15, 2012
Top Definition
A Ginger ninja, or a red-headed ninja
The Ginja stealthily scaled the building up to the roof and snuck in through the skylight.
by EringoBraugh November 12, 2008
A Ginja (pronounced Jin-ja) is a ninja that has red hair. It's a cross between Ginger and Ninja.
Hey look over there, is that Mundo? I heard he could break a dude in half with his shinbone.

Yeah, he is a true Ginja.
by moody_eva September 17, 2010
A ginger who doubles as a ninja.
"Woah! That Ginja kid just threw a shuriken into a fence!"
by Ginja July 05, 2008
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