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As in to Mundo a hot chick or get Mundo'ed by someone.
Jimmy - "Gaz look, theres some hot chicks"
Gaz - "It's Mundo Time"
by LifeSaverJimmy November 21, 2012
Mundo, short for Dr. Mundo, is a Corporate Mastermind/Mad Scientist in the Runeterra city of Zaun. He prides himself on his lack of restrictions when electing to perform an action. Often times, he takes great enjoyment in performing these actions, and will not hesitate to announce said enjoyment. Many people claim that bystanders go missing when around Mundo, but such a case has yet to be legally proven.
Mundo is defined as Mundo pleases.
by VagabondAzulien November 03, 2010
the definition of this word means very or alot. usually used by super cool people.
I'm mundo excited to go to the movies on saturday! or your mundo gay you assgoblin.
by Tayla carpenter January 08, 2008
A word used to describe something so big that only mundo will do.
"That's one mundo screen."
by CrasHthe2nd August 02, 2004
a person called mundo or a mundo has/is an enourmous penis so large that most women struggle to insert it into their vaginas, a penis so large that when erect does not rise but falls under its own weight
"oh my good gracious me did you see that guys mundo in the shower last night its not like me to stare but it was huge"
by George Turnbull April 15, 2007
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