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Can often be found lingering on the edge of conversations which involve a male trying to smooth talk a female. When the time is right a gingwick will swoop in like a bird of prey and overrule the male and try and copulate with the female. This technique is commonly referred to as an "assist". Be under no illusions, the gingwick is a professional predator. It also sports a ginger bonce with features not too dissimilar from that of ridiculed footballer Luke Chadwick. Further, some gingwick's have been spotted running in a similar fashion to that of a dinosaur. It must be known that the gingwick will react in an unpredictable volatile manner if his shoes are frozen.
"I was out last night. I almost got off with this girl but this right gingwick put an end to that."
by Ronnie D July 30, 2006

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