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A disease that when your skin pigment goes apeshit and your skin goes uncolored, turning white and having an incredible amount of freckles all over your body and especially on your face. The disease also affects your hair colour turning it into an orange-gold or orange-brown colour. Small childrens are affected by this disease when they have a lack of a soul, especially when they were melestered in their youth .

Ginger Kids must avoid excessive sun rays contact as they're skin is extremly sensitive. They must put a mass amount of suncream before going swimming or other activities.

60% of Ginger kids also gets brain deficienties and have low amount of maturity and are lunatic. Other 30% is good.
People who suffered Gingervitis, Like Ron Howard and Shaun White were the 2 people who have done great things in life. I don't know any others.
by ThunderBlog March 16, 2010
When a Ginger of any sex Explodes their orgasm on another races face. Basically its Ginger Cum
What up my ginga? I was bangin this girl last night and shot my Gingervitis all over her face!
by GingaD April 27, 2011
A non-ginger who has the unfortunate ability to attract specimen of the ginger type.
symptoms include: being attracted to/dating gingers or having gingers be attracted to you
"That girl only dates gingers."
"Yeah, she has a serious case of the gingervitis."
by Margaret of Portugal October 21, 2009
A deadly disease often caught from "gingers" red heads/carrot tops highly contagious. Symptoms include pale skin, freckles, addiction to halo, puffy eyes, sudden hatred of peanut butter and red hair.
I hear Benny got a severe case of Gingervitis...Poor Shmuck.
by Johnny Waldo November 20, 2007
A disease that is dangerous to children. Characteristics are red hair, pasty white skin color, and freckles. Also considered as a whore in College Station that harms her children and beats them like cotton field slaves. Poor kids look like Jerry's Kids.
Laura's children consider her to be gingervitis because of her brutal beatings that she lays down upon them.
by Wun Hung Lo December 19, 2005
Having pale skin, thousands of freckles and a giant red beard.
Takuku: "man, lyzol has a serious case of gingervitis"

Cougar: "No doubt homey, that bitch would burn under candle light".
by blues alcohol problem October 30, 2006