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1. When a ginger attemps to reproduce with non-gingers with the hope of making more gingers as their own form of terrorism.
Guy: "why is that ginger going around sleeping with every girl he can?"
Other Guy: "He's gingering"
Guy: "We got to stop him before the gingers take over the whole world"
by Mr. MoBizzie November 18, 2009
When two more red-heads engage in a social event, exclusively for gingers. This is to promote unity and social strength in their dying breed.
Do you want to go gingering with us tonight? We are headed to McLaren's pub.
by Ks626 May 30, 2014
To no-life On Runescape; Playing runescape all day with no breaks; Being Epic like Randy.
Danny: Chat down, Gingering.
Randy: Ok
by Alyfbaby November 13, 2008
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