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a pale, freckeled, person, but must have any shade of redish hair, including strawberry blonde.
"Cynthia Nixon sure is a ginger."
by gingerlover19 April 18, 2009
A hair color, which by some miracle now merits it's own subculture, or 'label', if you will.

Clothes: Casual-yet-cool, not Particularly noticeable (these peopole are known for their hair, not style), often jeans, a shirt which makes some reference to their Hair color, EG: 'Ginger and Proud'.

Hair: Ginger, duh. Normally kept natural and long-ish.

Music: Anything where the lead singer is a redhead.

Stereotype: Socially inept, Geeky, Bullied, Shy, Intelligent, Secretly-slutty-but-doesn't-let-on-to-this, good-looking in a wall flower sort of way.

Elizabeth I of elgland is perhaps the most famous ginger ever, although Lindsay Lohan comes a close second.
by Sana_Shadow April 10, 2009
Someone with ginger/'orange' hair.

Gingers and Redheads are not quite the same - red hair can range from strawberry blonde to auburn and is caused by and excess the pigment phaeomelanin. Ginger hair is often (but not always) a genetic mutation, hence the pale skin, freckles and sensitivity to light.

Thanks to South Park ginger people are often the butt of jokes, much like blondes. Like redheads they are thought to have fiery tempers. Unlike redheads they are also considered 'freaks'.
Ginger kids are not 'freaks'. But I'm a brunette, so I don't care that much.
by Too Much Time to Waste October 27, 2007
Ginger is the god of gingers. Like gingers he has all the same features, he is just more awesome then his normal counterparts. Some may know him as Dylan, but that is just the name of his human vessel.

Ginger is the has been to take the form of a human being, but this is because of the deceitful nature of gingers and is trying to trick you. He is a nice, loving god but if you get on his bad side he will unleash his divine wraith upon thee and will make you wish you were never born. he has also on occasion unleashed he is army of gingers to kidnap people in the night. There are ways to appease him though, he enjoys sacrifices of food and drink(virgin sacrifices are welcome to), worship of him, and gifts of video games, movies and comic books. He will also be pleased with sex from women and only women. Ginger is known to converse with his oracle that is a magical talking toucan named Toucan. He also believes people with the initials J.B. are douches.

Remember that he is the most amazing thing ever, better than anything else and is incredibly sexy.
Person 1: Did you hear what happened to Jimmy because he didn't sacrifice a virgin the almighty and awesome Ginger?

Person 2: No, what?

Person 1: A legion of soulless gingers came and took him to bring to their amazing and wonderful god!

Person 2: That's terrible!
by True believer of Ginger May 01, 2012
Gingers are people with red hair, feckles, and pale skin. Gingers are offten discriminated against. The people who discriminate against them are often jealous of their athlecticness, smarts, and looks. Some famous gingers include: Thomas Jefferson, Shaun White, Carrot Top, Chuck Norris, and ALF.
Wow I wish i could be a ginger
by dtbging June 07, 2011
The one that's taller and sexier than the brunette farm girl.
Mary Anne is cute, but Ginger is gorgeous.
by Shroozleberry April 06, 2010
Gingers are people with pale skin and red hair. They are subject to torture from others because of this. They are called 'Soulless' or 'Vampires', because their skin color is pale, and they can burn easily.
That is untrue, the Soulless/Vampire part. Gingers are not blood suckers, nor are they soulless. It all depends on the person. Never judge a book on it's cover. You could meet one ginger who is mean, but another one could be nice.
Person 1: Hey, look! A Ginger! That girl has no soul!
Person 2: Dude, that's not right. Just because a person has red hair does not mean that they have no soul.
Didn't Christy Carlson Romano do the voice for Kim Possible, a ginger?
by Gingersarentsoulless November 13, 2012