People with red hair, either a light aubrn blonde, fiery red, or orangish/reddish tints. Acclaimed by South Park to have no souls. This only really qualifies for those who are naturally red-headed. Generally have pale skin and freckles, but can have other skin tones also. Gingers HAVE souls but it is humorous to joke that they do not. Boys are usually drawn to 'ginger' girls but the 'ginger' boys are ridiculed among peers.
Person 1: Want to hang out this weekend?

Person 2: Fuck no you're a ginger, you have no soul!

Person 1: YES! I DO HAVE A SOUL! **skin is shed and demon is revealed**
by L0veLi33G1rl May 15, 2010
A ginger person has red hair. This red hair comes from a recessive gene. This recessive gene comes from another ginger or half-ginger hybrid.

Gingers are awesome and have blond eyelashes. They are also extremely sexy.

Gingers are more sensitive to thermal pain than regular people, but less sensitive to pain from electricity.

People all over the world can be gingers, but most of them seem to come from Scotland.

Gingers are frickin adorable.
Some famous gingers are Lucille Ball, Lindsay Lohan, Napoleon Bonaparte, Cleopatra, and Malcom X.
by someone!!!!ahdklghakl February 23, 2009
Gingers are not being a ginger myself, i have red hair, freckles, and pale skin... im dont worship the devil and, as most people think, sometimes we are the spawn of Satan. we are regular people and we enjoy having fun just like everyone else... stop making fun of gingers because we can make stupid comments about your hair color too... we dont like it, but we find it amusing, that you all flatter yourself with talking about us and we really think ya'll need to get a life... we can reproduce with another redhead and we like being redheads... we wouldnt have it any other way... call us gingers and we will laugh in your face... have fun bc once you go ginger you never go back and we like it like that... GINGERS RULE!!!!!!!!!!
Ginger's will rule the world one day!!!
by Ginger gurl March 03, 2008
The word "Ginger" is commonly used as a nickname. When used as a nickname, it is given to a person with red hair. This nickname is only for cool redheads and cannot be given to just any person with red hair, they must earn it! Gingers who don't like the nickname can be called red with a desired prefix or suffix. Most people who get the nickname Ginger are hot, athletic, fun and wanted by many.
Hey look at that sexy Ginger.

Ginger! Where'd you go?

Dude, pick ginger, he powns.
by Ginger Swimmer March 10, 2009
A redhaired freckled light skinned person. Who everyone says are evil and or soulless. When in reality they are not evil or soulless they are just like you except there hair color is better than yours. And you all are just jealous that you are not as cool as gingers.
That girl is a ginger.
She must be evil soulless!
by Soulless96 June 19, 2011
someone with red hair who inspires jealousy in all those around them who wish they were blessed with the same gene. gingers also tend to be EXTREMELY good looking, and irresistibly attractive to the opposite sex. gingers have been known to brutally murder those who try to hide their jealousy through insults, so all you non-gingers sitting at your computers wishing you had red hair, be careful what you say. you could be next.
non-ginger 1: dude, look at those gingers over there

non-ginger 2: i know man, i wish i had hair like that

non-ginger 1: hey, lets make fun of them and pretend theyre not the awesomest people we've ever met and that we wouldnt give anything to be half as cool as them!

non-ginger 2: thats what i was thinking dude!

ginger: *kills both non-gingers in their sleep*
by gingersareawesom July 17, 2008
Gingers are a godly race of individuals most commonly catagorised for having a recesive gene which causes (surprise surprise) ginger hair. They are mocked for being plain better than everyone else and will eventually wipe the Inferior "Normies" as they obtain the dominant Gene. So now might be a time to obtain ginger friend's and pretend you alway's liked those fellows
The Lord said let there be light...But then as his hair was so bright and Ginger he could already see.
by Luke, Dave, James, Wookey October 30, 2007
Crazy, awesome people with fire hair. Gingers come in different levels:
(lowest level)
1. Seasonal ginger
2. wanna be ginger
3. "strawberry" ginger
4. Denial ginger
5. radically freckled ginger
6. gingerlicious ginger
7. super ginger
8. lobster ginger
9. epic ginger
10. firecrotch
(highest level)
Oh those crazy gingers. That one doing the keg stand has to be at least a 6.
by luckycoin627 May 28, 2010
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