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derived from the word GIMP- as in Bring out the GIMP!
Relating to something as GIMPTASTIC means that only a true GIMP would think that item/action is cool and worthy of belonging to/being performed by a GIMP!
MAN,THAT CAR IS GIMPTASTIC-meaning only a gimp would allow himself to be seen in such a vehicle.
INDEED, GIMPTASTIC!- meaning an action worthy of a gimp thus implying the person is indeed a gimp
by FITZNICENTIGHTLY October 14, 2004
a retard with no life of his/her own. Only friends with "cool people".
You are such a gimptastic person.
by adam apple February 23, 2005
This is something someone with a limp would think is cool.
Man, that wheelchair is gimptastic!
by ramdac October 22, 2003
Refering to a gimpy. It can be use to describe anything that's lame.
my friend Gimpy a.k.a Kelly Parker
by Kara, Shawna and Emily February 22, 2005