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the offspring of a gimp and a retard. the best minority there is, itll get you into any college.
Yea, my mom is a gimp, and my fathers a fucken retard. so that makes me a gimptard. now gimmie ur finest meats and cheeses, a gi gi
by JPnofx9019 February 01, 2003
A contraction of gimp and retard, much like fucktardword
Christ, are such a fucking gimptard.
by Pattersonbrown January 15, 2003
A retarded gimp. One is has the qualitys of both a gimp and a retard.
Rachael S. is such a gimptard!
Wow thats a real fucking gimptard.
by eddy April 07, 2005
noun. A person with attributes of gimpness and retardedness. An internet geek with a job.
Brent is a gimptard
by Balky January 30, 2003
A contraction of the words gimp and tard. A gimp is typically a male BDSM rubber/leather slave. specifically, refers to slave in full-body suit – eg, rubber leather enclosure suits, and (this is the important thing) a full head mask. Thus making him a non-person or it(object). A tard is person who though has common sense lacks or choose not to use it. Thus a gimptard is a male submissive who does not deserve to be respected and should be treated as such.
I swear Shaun is such a gimptard.
by losergimptard April 18, 2016
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