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Better than your state. Sure, the roads suck, but not as bad as parts of Kentucky. Sure, the people can be dumb, but not as dumb as in Alabama. Sure, the weather sucks, but not as badly as it does in Alaska. Yeah, okay, it's a little rural, and you have to buy your liquor in state stores, and there's no beaches, but at least we're not West Virginia. Or Iowa.

Plus, the Amish are cool, we make ketchup and chocolate, the Steelers used to be a decent team, and hey! we've got a town called Intercourse.
Pennsylvania has Intercourse. Your state doesn't.
by =west= January 25, 2004
n. a joke or saying that has meaning to a few select people on the 'inside', and none to anyone else. Generally very annoying; try searching for a definition on Urban Dictionary without running into at least one. You'll find you can't.
OMG, Jenna somerville is da shiznit! Her name is, like, synonymous with tool. I hate Chris because of a stuffed animal named purple nurple
by =west= December 08, 2003
1. adj. describes something that is both stupid and broken. Or broken because it's stupid. Or vice versa.
"My gimptarded computer won't let me print this page of Homestar Runner quotes"
by =west= September 15, 2003
adj. Describes an awkward person or situation...the state of wishing to return to the womb due to excessive embarrassment/stupidity
Whoa...that was fetal, man.
by =west= October 10, 2003
judo pants; loose capri-type pants for men. To mid-calf, often cut-offs.
Dude...shpants with leg warmers totally went out in the 1450s
by =west= October 10, 2003
v. To beat someone profusely after death.
"Here's the plan...you shoot him and I'll come over afterwards and help you mussolini him."
by =west= October 10, 2003
Hebrew, Rasta slang: God.
Jah is Jah, dig?

Jah People=Jesus freaks OR Rastamen. Anyone who's hardcore for Jah.
Jah love, cats and kittens.
by =west= October 10, 2003

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