A person who thinks they are cool, but is the biggest poser in the world. Can also mean to have a stroke and lose the use of your left leg.
Dustin Schullman
by the biggest poser October 16, 2003
Top Definition
A super wanker with a alter personality. A extreme hypercondriac and a compulsive liar.
Man i was talking with this gimpster about the snow out west and you wouldn't believe the things he told me. He told me he goes prairie dog fishing. That guy has a serious alter personality disorder.
by ---- PDF ---- June 30, 2009
The "Uber" one.
Gimpster is your god.
by Anonymous May 16, 2003
An unsexy wanker.
Foxflight is sexier than that Gimpster.
by fox June 12, 2003
well first of all dustin schullman is a great guy. So u don't need to be an asshole. Hes a special boy
Dustin Schullman is a good guy and i hate u fukers for making fun of him...he's a special guy.
by * February 19, 2005
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