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A Gook who tries to be or acts like a nigger
Me tlue home boy wold. Man your just a gigga.
by JamRon July 15, 2004
anything, everything, see all
Go gig yourself with a gigga you gigga faggot.
by DREKKKKKKKKKKKKK September 16, 2007
A gay nigga
Gay & Nigga together = Gigga
by T-Spin October 13, 2008
Variant of nigga blended with geek, used among geeks in reference to each other as an ironic but usefully race-neutral term of fraternal esteem, artfully evoking the dual, respectful-from-brothers/offensive-from-others aspects of both source terms. See geek speak.
Hollaz to mah Gigga h0mi3z on da Techflizzo'!
A ginger who acts like a gangsta
Ronald McDee be straight up gigga!
by Original Gigga September 04, 2014
n. a person of German origin who insists on wearing clothes and following trends of the urban, hip-hop, predominantly African American culture.

pronounced jig-ah.

#2: ahh, you gigga!
by humans are scary July 28, 2006
just a girl...
Look at this cute gigga!
by Mallate May 20, 2003