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8 definitions by Mallate

Like "wassup" (what's up!)
Wazzaaa! Negga!
by Mallate May 20, 2003
He is a very bright detective with a PHD in pyschology and a MD in gynocology. His head is about a thick as a piece of paper. Fuck nigger assfuck?
Detective Cowboy Cassius Claudius Klar P.H.D M.D is fucked up (claim mallory and nate)
by Mallate March 31, 2005
A strange young man who can be found lurking in the shadows and who only comes out when necessary.

He keeps very quiet and then will attack you with his mindless, scarring words.
That Detective Top-dollar Cowboy Cassius Claudius Klar Pinwheel Kane PHDMD (in gynechology and psychology)just keeps getting sneakier and sneakier!
by Mallate April 02, 2005
Alright. So a few names were added, but you're going to have to deal!
Detective TopDollar Cowboy Cassius Claudius Klar Weatherman Technicion Pinwheel Kane PHDMD is sexy.
by Mallate April 12, 2005
Mah Lover Boy!
-Who is tha Mallate'z Lover Boy??
by Mallate May 22, 2003
just a girl...
Look at this cute gigga!
by Mallate May 20, 2003
Mah favorite Linda!!
Chinease Rulzzzzzzzzzz
by Mallate May 22, 2003