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Getting kicked in the balls on a trampoline in mid air
"see who can jump the highest on the trampoline"
"Ok lets i bet i will win"
"Haha YoU just got Gibsoned"
by Gibbo13G November 01, 2009
To be taken to task for promoting unrelenting gore-porn as a kind of artistic or spiritual statement.
After viewing "The Passion of the Christ," the uncritical mass of blind sheep were properly gibsoned.
by sam March 11, 2004
to be treated poorly... hated for your viewes and beliefs also to be verablly abused
those people gibsoned me and ate without me.

my mother was so mad she gibsoned me all week.. i get treated and gibsoned on the regular
by sam March 05, 2004
someone being incredibly unlucky, super suckage
"I've been totally gibsoned this month"

"man that's gibsoned"
by dinosaurus8 February 03, 2010
When someone tears into you like there is no tomorrow, as in Mel Gibson to Oksana Grigorieva.
Damn, that crazy bitch just totally gibsoned me.

Don't make me get all Gibson on your ass.
by MarkWT July 14, 2010
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