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a rather large child who consumes a lot of beverages and food in short amounts of time who also eats 6 times a day and is protective of his/her food.
That damn gibbly would not stop eating.

Gibbly is fat.
I love Gibbly.
by pierre williams November 09, 2009
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The retarded made up name of an overated automobile.
People describe their auto as gibbly when they think it is all that when in fact it is just a common auto.
Hey dude thats really gibbly, no its not its a junker put together. You just like it because you think Mustangs are cool.
by Timmy Leary September 22, 2010
pronounced jibbly, it is an adjective describing an awkward situation.
Monica was making out with jeff last night and then in walked her got gibbly
by Ishy Tazzy February 21, 2009
to be on a good one-sparked
by jack daniels858 April 22, 2009
A slang used in place of a specific unit when talking about an amount.
Dude, do you see that new iPod Nano? It can hold 2 or 4 gibblies of music!
by skwirl September 09, 2005

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