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Definition (A) an individual who activates 'angry blood'
Definition (B) a diminitive twatty chink that has wriggled his way into your life via razzles, BBQ's, & pure Valentine magic.
Friend: My God sarah, your carotid artery is pulsating and u now seem blind! Response: yeah it's b/c my gibblet spunked in my eye and now i cannot see.
by Vadinne February 15, 2005
a female (hoe) who fucks around with the UT Vols football players, esp. at the Gibbs dorm.
Don't ever go to Gibbs, or you'll be a gibblet.
by ay3546 July 09, 2009
The large flap or double chin comprised of fatty tissue that stretches accross under the chin where a beard would usually be.
Jesus! Look at the size of that man's gibblet!
by gmfreak356 May 12, 2008
The big flap of skin on a slut whos taken many a cock
Look at that gibblet on that bird, she must of taken it more times that ive had hot dinners, what a dirty wide fuckin whore of a slag
by Wideslut January 22, 2004
A pet name for a mans junk
I slipped of the pedals on my road bike and flattened my "gibblets" I think I saw God for a few seconds.
by Jake September 02, 2008
A buy for less employee that has a gimp body and personality. He also astonishingly found a partner to mate with which caused him to have an offspring that inherits gibblet traits.
D: Who is the dude in the firebird.
S: That is chase's gibblet father, also just known as Gibblet.
by oucreature January 19, 2010
A fat mexican who has so many rolls they cant be counted by hand... ohh and he lives below you.
Jose Martinez
by Anonymous September 26, 2003