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John: Hank, you are completely incapable of eating peeps quickly.

Hank: True, but I do like putting things on my head. DFTBA!

VlogBrothers rock <3
by LunaLovegood March 22, 2008
329 85
Made of Awesome; Nerdfighters
Did you see those really cool people on Youtube?

You mean the vlogbrothers?

Yeah, they are so made of awesome! DFTBA
by Misshogwarts1125 January 10, 2012
42 6
A vlogging duo of brothers on YouTube who's awesome followers are called Nerdfighters. The two brothers' names are Hank and John. Hank sings songs like Song About an Anglerfish and Video Game Books and John writes books such as Paper Towns or, most recently, The Fault in our Stars
Did you see the new Vlogbrothers video yesterday?

Yeah, I love it when John does sharpie face.


Did you see the new Vlogbrothers video?

Yeah, Hank's new song is fantastic!
by NerdfighterJaimeeGaga March 22, 2012
37 2