Gacacara Initis Joe. A term invented to describe the utmost toughness of the american hero: G.I. Joe. Prior to this abbreviation, no words could adequately describe bravery and toughness of this degree.
That G.I. Joe, a.k.a. Gacacara Initis Joe is really tough american Hero!!
by jomogijoe July 29, 2011
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The All American Hero.
Wherever there is trouble, GI Joe is there.
by Homosexual Cowboy man November 29, 2002
GI Joe is a codename for America's daring, highly trained special mission force. Its purpose: to defend human freedom against Cobra, a ruthless terrorist organization determined to rule the world.
Knowing is half the battle. Yo Joe! - GI Joe
by gary salazar August 20, 2006
government issue joe.

the standard model the U.S. government issues foreign nations in case of war.
He is a regular gi joe, currently kicking ass in Iraq
by GI JOE August 28, 2003
Anyone (preferably named Joe) who seems to constantly have gastrointestinal problems.
"Oh, man, smells like G.I. Joe set off some bioweapons in here."
by cootergirl August 19, 2008
The opposite of a doll. The male doll who has testicles. Way better than a Ken doll. Sometimes you just called him Joe so his name was as sleek as Ken's name.

When I was a kid I owned Barbie and Ken dolls, but then my little brother got GI Joe dolls, so obviously Barbie had to marry one of them. When Barbie was with GIJoe the other GI Joe couldn't hurt them. When Barbie was with a Ken, Ken got killed by GI Joe and all of his guns. Eventually, the Barbies only married GI Joes and the Kens ended up in the closet.

If a girl is a Barbie because she has blonde hair, blue eyes, slender, with boobs, then a gi joe is a guy with big muscles and he probably owns a gun.

If a girl ever talks about some Joe guy it is most likely a "gi joe" to whom she is referring and not the "average joe".
A guy says " hey doll"
Girl says "nice to see you G.I. joe"

For a smoother conversation the "I" isnt pronounced, or the gi is left out. However, it is assumed that the "joe" the girl is referring to is a "GI Joe" and not a regular Joe.

A guy says "be a doll and get me a beer"
A girl says "I can't, I have to get ready for my date with Joe"
by street-class_academixes December 10, 2013
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