Where you jizz on a girls's hair and she has to shave it off
Hey did u see Linda, looks like she got a G.I. jane!
by Joshua Es. April 15, 2007
Top Definition
(1) Reference to a female member of the U.S. Armed Forces
(2) Nickname for a girl who's really into the military, very gung-ho or athletic, strong and aggressive; breaks into a traditionally all-male occupation or hobby.
(3) Name of a 1997 film featuring Demi Moore who plays a female Naval officer that successfully makes it through Navy SEAL training.
"Ever since she started with that corporate boot camp program, she thinks she's GI Jane."
by TJ Kim September 27, 2004
Where your girl jerks you off "cocking your rifle", while simultaneously shaving your balls
Me:"Dude your Mom totally G.I. Jane'd me last night!"
by Dr. McFuck yo'face September 30, 2010
Usually pertaining to a female dog. A Youth on the well-known pictionary game "iSketch" A Person who is usually lame and hates other youth.

"That G.I. Jane Chick is horrible!"
Too Explicit content
"That G.I. Jane Chick is horrible!"
by LoveBby February 05, 2008
A hack toward ANYONE wearing military clothing.
SOME JACKOFF : "Lookit that fucker; he looks like GI Jane."
ME : "Go fuck yourself."
by Dave January 06, 2005
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