Government Issue but a better description is Green Idiot.
GI Joe is such a GI.
by Opsamk July 29, 2008
Short for the word "Vagina"
I cant think of an example for Gi. Its a Vagina.
by Hmmm? I wonder? May 22, 2007
Good Idea
another way to lazify the english language
by vortex June 10, 2003
short for gastril intestinal
I've got the GI blues.
by King Shit January 16, 2003
1) Geographically Impossible
1) "You can't be with her man, you live in the City & she lives in the sticks. Its G.I.

2) Mr Money: "I'm moving to NY but, I'm a still run tha drugs down south"
Dr Drugmoney: "You can't do that, its G.I.

(NOTE) The murder Capital is New York.
by Szymn. M August 04, 2006

GI is a very large faggot who has a crew cut and a stick up his ass. You might see them traveling in packs because they are too afraid to fight by themselves they would cry like a lil baby and wet themselves.

when aproaching a GI be carfull to not wear any provocative clothing for this may trigger a reaction in the GI known as the "RAPE LOOK". If one receives the rape look run fo yo mo fuckin life.

Ways to identify possible GI, check for:
Dog tags
Crew cut hair
Camo clothing
Tight pants
Gay jokes
Country music
Brand new vehicles/crotch rockets
Cowboy hat
Out of state tags
Pockets full of rufies
Extreme psycotic rage
to avoid these GIRL INTUDERS.

Also all females under the age of 18 cary mase and a crew wit u at all times to avoid rapage.
HOMIE:"those faggot ass gi's raped my baby sister's 11 year old friend mane...lets go kill dem niggas"

HOME GURL#1:"that dude just gave me the rape look from hell he must be a GIRL INTRUDER mane..."
HOME GURL#2:"quick cova up yo titties"
by FUCK BUSH UP THE ASSHOLE February 01, 2008
Literally stands for "Ground Infantryman", but many apply the acronym to the US Army soldier in general, whether they are in the infantry or not.
PVT Snuffy was an outstanding GI.
by cbrn_ranger February 16, 2009

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