acronym for Giggling Internally. not fucking Laugh Out Loud (which people never do when they say 'LOL').
sneakerhead93: That's what she said.
iDidYourMom: G.I.
sneakerhead93: wtf?
iDidYourMom: GI. It means I didn't actually laugh out loud; I just Giggled Internally.
sneakerhead93: oh.
iDidYourMom: yeah, that shit wasn't that funny.
by pseudonym_goes_here August 07, 2009
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If a friend has no idea what you are talking about. You can tell them to GI.
by jifbeagels June 03, 2009
Genitalia itch. Itching of the genitals.
Shit, I have GI, don't mind me.
by Totallynot_emil November 14, 2010
One of the next top teams of America's Army taking the NA and EU divisions by storm defeating such teams as jCp and eNervate Gaming and soon Instruments Of God.
Example 1:
Dude1:Wow did you see GI take down pA in the CAL O championship on UA
Dude2: your effin kidding me?
Dude1:nah man it actually happened couldnt believe it myself.

Example 2:
Dude3:Wow UrbanDictionary finally let GI have its own definition.
by Whiners.Ride.the.Whaaambulance October 06, 2006
The Planeteer that was given the Water Ring.
kwame: earth! wheeler: fire! linka: wind! GI: WATER! ma-ti: heart! go captain planet!
by redmage87 September 16, 2005
almost, sort of, kind of
It is gi cold outside.
that test was gi hard, but i passed.
by Brown Bear375 December 15, 2008
abbr: Genital Interface. Not currently implemented by video game manufacturers, but understandably the "next big thing" in console gaming hardware.
The GI on the XBOX 3 is customizable for length and girth and adjusts from 40-2000 Hz.
by DT Chimi February 02, 2005

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