Anyone who has a powerful and, sometimes, uncontrollable desire or yearning for something. May be used in the same nature as "slut", "whore", "fiend", or "junkie", in the sense of someone who is crazy for something. However, usually "ghoul" labels the people with the more serious cases of lusting for something.

Common "ghoul" focuses are: sex, drugs, food, porn, alcohol, money, gambling, caffeine, spending, candy, etc...
"Look at that kid sucking down those chocolates. He is a candy ghoul."

"!" (think: Brains...Brains!)
by Stiffofdeth April 15, 2009
Top Definition
Foul being of legend which robs graves and feeds upon corpses.
That hungry hobo is a real ghoul - he'll eat anything!
by LORD HELL FEAR BLOOD March 17, 2003
Can be a Necrophile or Necrophage.
Not necesarilly a Killer, as they may just disinter already deceased people.
Ed Gein, Dahmer, that guy in "The Loved Dead"....
by Skeletal Munchkin February 12, 2005
A methhead or crackhead that drinks Steel Reserve all day and projectile shits on the back wall of various park facilities. Covered in dried vomit, usually missing many teeth and reeking, since they haven't bathed in weeks, they are sometimes found pissing themselves as well. They are generally harmless but caution is urged when approaching them, depending upon how fucked-up they are. Because of their extreme abuse and mistreatment of their bodies, they look much older than they actually are. Summary execution is urged, but that is not yet legal in the United States.
Goddamn, dude, the ghouls are out tonight. That one just pissed on that car and one just drunkenly lurched toward me. And I just saw one passed out in his own vomit on that bathroom floor.
by The GJK August 19, 2009
A Crackhead or Heroine Junkie.
Only the ghoul's are out at night.
by Red December 18, 2003
A generic term for someone who possesses mannerisms, chat and characteristics that resemble an unorthodox individual with odd personality traits and reeking banter. Ghouls will commonly be found sporting terrible gear from retail outlets such as 'Primark' and 'Burton', and are insistent on continuously wearing these garments until observers feel physically sick from the sight of them. Upper class ghouls can be found primarily dressed in tweed, quaffing around town in pack of another two to three tweed clad ghouls. The most distinguishing feature of the ghoul is its rancid chat, and is known to talk a lot of dour bullshit which it insists on spraying over everyone. The Ghoul tends to try and show off with over elaborate hyperbole, and tends to raise its voice, which can usually be heard above the crowd after consuming a few meagre pints of lager.
Bobby P is SUCH a ghoul.
by gneebs November 25, 2010
An Undead unit in Warcraft III. In the current Frozen Throne version, a Ghoul has 340 HP and 12-14 starting damage. Very good when combined with vampiric aura and unholy aura.
"Holy shit! That ghoul just raped my archers!"
"Wow! What a dumbass! He's massing ghouls!"
by HSK October 31, 2004
1.someone who stays up all night, either playing world of warcraft, or just because.

2.ghoul = cool
"according the ghoul handbook, the lack of sleep is a must."

"be ghoul, not a tool"

"keep it ghoul"

"fooly ghouly"

by ghoulzbabe February 24, 2008
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