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An individual, male or female, that successfully fucks a person, who is so unfortunately defined as a "ghost." To constitute someone as a ghost, he or she must be extremely pale, unpleasantly skinny, and disappear after a certain period of time. This “ghost” must also act as if he or she has constant PMS and look extremely pissed off and miserable at all times, causing he or she to not allow other individuals to have fun. Although there are exceptions to this term, this is what you are and always will be, Quinny.
Kooper: yeah, dumbass. at least i didnt hook up with a ghost.
Quinny: what?
Kooper: dude, you hooked up with a fucking ghost.
Quinny: huh, oh that girl, i didnt think she was a ghost.
Kooper: GHOSTFUCKER, and that is what you are and always will be.
Quinny: wtf, dude, i am gay.