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the result of wiping one's anus after a clean bowel movement. There is no fecal matter residue on the toilet paper after the first wipe. The wad would resemble that of a ghost after he/she makes feces.
After moving her bowels, Mrs. Jones was pleasantly suprised to have a ghost wipe for the second straight day.
by Alfonso P. McLean April 04, 2004
after dropping a duce, a wipe that turns out to by unecessary; nothing is present on the tp
I just dropped a mad dook, and to my suprise i followed it up with a ghostwipe
by poop stain December 14, 2004
you take a poop and then when you wipe there is nothing on the toilet paper.
If i had a ghost wipe i would not have to use toilet paper.
by adihall October 12, 2009
The rare phenomenon that when one wipes their butt after pooping, delightfully finds that there is no trace/streak of poop on the toilet paper resulting in a care free poop session and heightened feeling of self cleanliness.
"Yo dude I gotta blast a serious dookie right now, and unless i get ghost wipes, im guna need another roll of the poopoo paper."
by Soul Rebel January 21, 2009
That amazing moment after pooping when you grasp the folded toilet paper and majestically wipe your butt only to find that there's no poop to wipe. The remains of loose poop and dinkleberries went down with the clonk of poop. A type of Poop-Score
Guy in bathroom-SCORE!!
Guy outside of bathroom-What?
Guy in bathroom-I just got a ghost wipe!
Guy outside of bathroom-Nice! Bonus!
by king of the porcelain throne April 03, 2014
Twenty or thirty minutes after you answer the call of nature you return to the restoom to wipe one more time just to make sure you are clean.
I thought you just used the restroom? I did, I just had to do a ghost wipe before we left.
by thatsbetter July 25, 2008
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