Located in the Northern part of San Diego county, "ghost town" known as San Marcos to non locals, or on maps. Ghost Town is dubbed one of the most laid back, lovable, party scenes and has an exceptional amount of friendly people. From the skaters, to the gangsters, to even the older crowd who has lived here for many years, the all seem to clash in their own way.
think of the movie "goodfellas" meets "american pie" - Ghost Town
by buddha-[b.o.d.k.]- June 01, 2009
the situation that happens when a person you're interested in drops off contact unexpectedly.
Person 1: Hey man how are things going with Karen?

Person 2: dude I thought things were going great and then she ghost town'd me!
by Mayor of Ghost town December 20, 2010
Slang for Union City , NJ , because it is more low key then Jersey City, Newark, and other busy urban areas.
"Yo nigga chilltown is too hot,i got mad warrants nigga."
"Lets duck out in ghost town to make some loot and come back in a few days."
by tweak201 October 19, 2005
Is a film 2008 staring ricky gervace
ghost town is amazing
by yay10 March 14, 2009
Certain areas of the human body where one would like to visit that happens to be as pale as a ghost.
I can't wait to visit that ghost town.
by jadecat October 21, 2008
The Name of Chaos Con Queso's full length album.
"wow CCQ's Ghost Town album's really snazzy!"

"yeah, bro!"
1. (n.) Derogatory term for area inhabited by African Americans.

2. (npr.) Section of Venice, CA surrounding Oakwood Recreational Park.
That block is turning into a ghost town.
by Five_Fingers February 03, 2005

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