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you take a poop and then when you wipe there is nothing on the toilet paper.
If i had a ghost wipe i would not have to use toilet paper.
by adihall October 12, 2009
31 7
the result of wiping one's anus after a clean bowel movement. There is no fecal matter residue on the toilet paper after the first wipe. The wad would resemble that of a ghost after he/she makes feces.
After moving her bowels, Mrs. Jones was pleasantly suprised to have a ghost wipe for the second straight day.
by Alfonso P. McLean April 04, 2004
245 56
after dropping a duce, a wipe that turns out to by unecessary; nothing is present on the tp
I just dropped a mad dook, and to my suprise i followed it up with a ghostwipe
by poop stain December 14, 2004
51 13
The rare phenomenon that when one wipes their butt after pooping, delightfully finds that there is no trace/streak of poop on the toilet paper resulting in a care free poop session and heightened feeling of self cleanliness.
"Yo dude I gotta blast a serious dookie right now, and unless i get ghost wipes, im guna need another roll of the poopoo paper."
by Soul Rebel January 21, 2009
11 0
Twenty or thirty minutes after you answer the call of nature you return to the restoom to wipe one more time just to make sure you are clean.
I thought you just used the restroom? I did, I just had to do a ghost wipe before we left.
by thatsbetter July 25, 2008
9 74