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When it feels like your phone is vibrating in your pocket as if you are receiving a text or call, but in reality nothing ever happened and it was merely your mind tricking you because it is so used to your pocket vibrating all the time.
Nick: Yo dude hang on I gotta answer this text! (picks up phone and checks it)

Tom: Who's it from?

Nick: No one dude, it was just a ghost text.
by Professor Pod April 08, 2011
When you would swear you felt or heard your phone vibrating and think you got a text, but there is actually nothing there.

Yay I got a text!!! Huh? No I didn't...but I heard it. Must've been a ghost text.
by tis just me August 29, 2008
The unsent response text after you ask a person a question that they don't want to answer. You have been texting back and forth for a while then you ask a question that the person wants to avoid i.e. Wanna hang out?, What are you doing tonight? We should go get a drink... Do you like me? The ghost text is only official if the person either responds to the next question you ask (ignoring the original) or if they text you back the next day acting like they never received it.
Me: Hey what's up
Girl: Nothing, u?
Me: Nothing much just got off of work
Girl: Cool, how was your day?
Me: Good, I just want to get wasted.... What are you doing tonight?
Girl: (no response) <---Ghost Text
Me: So did you have a good week.
Girl: Yea, it was long though...
by TexasT505 November 19, 2011
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